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Why Mazda?

It makes business sense

Our range of vehicles offer strong residual values, impressive fuel economy figures, low CO2 emissions, excellent levels of standard specification and our we strive to offer you outstanding aftersales service.

Reliability and build quality

We’re proud of the craftsmanship we put into making our cars. And our strong performance in independent testing of business car reliability is testament to the build quality of our cars. This build quality is one of the key reasons behind the low cost of ownership of a Mazda vehicle.

Advanced specification and safety

The high equipment specification of our cars is another reason for their demand in the resale market. Advanced specification comes as standard with a Mazda car. Class-leading safety features and competitive insurance bandings also mean our cars depreciate more slowly than a comparable business car.

Kerb appeal and popular designs

Importantly of course the stylish designs of our cars give them enduring kerb appeal and popularity on the resale market – another key factor in fleet management decisions.

Lower fuel costs and outstanding CO2 emissions 

Our ultra-efficient engines and environmental technologies reduce your fuel costs and produce lower CO2 emissions. Our ground-breaking SKYACTIV Technology has re-written the rule books in engine design, combining efficiency and performance together in one award-winning package. It all ensures you can see significant savings in your whole life fleet management costs, as well as major financial benefits for company car drivers.

We care about aftersales service

You’ll be impressed by the quality of our aftersales service. We continue to care about you and your vehicles long after they leave our hands. Our Mazda Dealers are equipped with the specialist training and expertise to give you and your vehicles the best possible care. So our relationship doesn’t end the day you start the engine for the first time.