Mazda Vision Coupe

With next-generation design and an elegant and refined style, Mazda VISION COUPE is our concept car that explores the potential and direction of future Mazda cars using our award-winning KODO Design philosophy. 

Since 2010, Mazda has striven to create cars that embody the dynamic beauty of life through application of its KODO—Soul of Motion design philosophy. "Breathing Life Into The Car" This is our philosophy—an all-encompassing vision that we intend to carry forward and develop into the future as an ongoing tradition. We will need to develop our aesthetic style still further if we are to continue these values into the future. For the coming generation of Mazda vehicles, we will pursue the expression of a “new elegance” based on Japanese aesthetic sensibilities.

Here, the word “elegance” implies a beauty that is subtle and restrained yet rich and abundant. Within its conveyed impression of dignified tension, next-generation design also allows people to sense a hint of warmth and seductiveness. This is the image of “elegance” Mazda wishes to express in its car designs.

Japanese aesthetics call for a delicate sense of balance rather than a show of ostentation. For this reason, next-generation design aims to breathe life into cars with a “less is more” aesthetic. Eliminating all but the truly essential elements creates precious blank spaces surrounding simple forms. To these, Mazda applies effective use of light and shadow to create subtle details and achieve the desired result.

With next-generation design, Mazda is reinterpreting the very essence of Japanese aesthetics and its subtle beauty, which has been cultivated since ancient times. The goal is to create an elegant and refined atmosphere with a sense of vitality that makes Mazda cars come truly alive.