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The unique performance

Quest for “Ideal Combustion” Realizes World-Leading Compression Ratio

Conventional internal combustion engines are only able to harness around 30% of fuels potential energy. By pushing the limits of internal combustion, Mazda has developed the SKYACTIV family of engines which can deliver much greater fuel efficiency than conventional engines. Simply put, SKYACTIV engines can compress the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders to an extraordinary degree, squeezing far more energy from every drop of fuel.
With their compression ratio of 14:1, unparalleled among mass production engines, SKYACTIV engines bring you both sheer driving pleasure and outstanding fuel economy.

SKYACTIV-G boasts a record compression ratio of 14:1, an unprecedented figure for a mass production gasoline engine, which reflects our pursuit for the perfect combination of outstanding fuel efficiency and driving comfort. This new engine has improved both fuel efficiency and torque performance by around 15% compared with similar existing engines. With its enhanced torque performance at low and medium speeds in particular, this new generation, high-efficiency direct injection engine better serves real-world driving needs.

SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS is Mazda’s latest technological breakthrough from its unending pursuit of “Jinba Ittai” driving. The latest technology to join the SKYACTIV family of technologies provides integrated control of Individual components such as the engine, transmission, body and chassis to achieve total optimization of vehicle’s driving performance. With SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS, the new-generation vehicle dynamics control technology, Mazda has moved on to a new stage of evolving “Jinba Ittai” driving that lies at the heart of the Mazda brand value.


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Our range of vehicles offer strong residual values, impressive fuel economy figures, low CO2 emissions, excellent levels of standard specification and our we strive to offer you outstanding aftersales service.